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AtaCor Medical has novel new method to pace the heart under development

Cardiovascular / Cardiology May 31, 2017

We at Legacy MedSearch are sharing some wonderful technology news from AtaCor Medical written by: Rick Sanghera, Co-Founder & CEO at AtaCor Medical, Inc.  Please be sure to click the link below to take you to the full article and a pretty amazing video.  Make sure to share it with your connections!

AtaCor Medical is developing a novel system for cardiac pacing that doesn’t require pacing leads or hardware to be placed inside or onto the heart. The pacing system has already been proven successful in clinical studies and the company is now raising Series A funding.

Current pacemakers require wires (leads) to be inserted through the veins and attached to the inside of the heart, with subsequent connection to a pacemaker placed under the skin. Recent developments with “leadless” pacemakers are a leap forward; however, the entire pacemaker is now placed inside, and attached to, the heart.

AtaCor’s pacing system differs from existing pacemakers in that it places a novel pacing lead in the intracostal space, the connective tissue below the ribs and above the heart, and leaves the patient’s veins and heart untouched. AtaCor’s lead is inserted with an innovative delivery tool using only anatomical landmarks, without a need for X-ray or other medical imaging. The AtaCor pacing system is being designed to offer single chamber (VVI) and dual chamber (VDD) pacing capabilities.

See more at the Source: Novel new method to pace the heart under development | Rick Sanghera | Pulse | LinkedIn

by: Rick Sanghera, Co-Founder & CEO at AtaCor Medical, Inc.

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