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When the Doctor’s Mother Has Cancer
“I want you to talk to me like I’m one of your patients, not like I’m your mother.” My mom’s familiar voice came over the car’s speakers via the Bluetooth connection to my phone as I drove home. She had left a voicemail...
November 7, 2017
Diagnostics & Healthcare News
$3.5B Invested In Digital Health So Far In 2017.  Where Is The Industry Going?
Investors in digital health have been busy this year. In the first half of 2017, 188 startups took in $3.5 billion in investments—a record-setting amount. It’s not hard to see why. Patients and providers are both looking to digital health tools to get better...
October 31, 2017
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BioTech Entrepreneurs Number One Fail
“Do you know what the number one failing of biotech entrepreneurs who try to get into medical devices is?” a senior healthcare VC (who asked for anonymity so he could speak freely) asked me over lunch recently. (Disclosure/reminder: I work at a cloud...
October 26, 2017
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11 Most Innovative Medical Devices of 2017
The nominees for the best medical technology of 2017 were recently announced for the 11th Annual Prix Galien USA Awards. The Galien Foundation, the host of the awards, hands out the the Prix Galien Award annually to examples of outstanding biomedical and technology...
October 23, 2017
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Wearables for Rehabilitation
According to the American College of Sports Medicine, wearable technologies are the worlds current number one fitness trend (Thompson, 2015, 2016). By providing patients with an instant biofeedback, wearables not only have the possibility to prevent injury and overuse, but also to optimize...
October 23, 2017
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When disaster strikes, this Irish-based team Med3DP prints 3D medical devices
For more than a decade now, 3D printing as a concept has promised a revolution in everything from construction to food production but, on the surface, you might think things haven’t changed much. This couldn’t be further from the case, however, particularly in...
September 20, 2017
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Medical Device Designed by Student Wins Fast Company Award
A student-designed medical device to diagnose pneumonia has been named the winner of the student category of Fast Company‘s 2017 Innovation by Design Awards. The device, called Tabla, was created by Adam Rao, a medical student at UCSF and a student in the UC Berkeley/UCSF...
September 14, 2017
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$35M Grant Provides Texas A&M to Develop Cutting Edge Tech for Underserved Populations
Backed by a $35 million federal grant, Texas A&M University System is leading a group of academic partners, private companies and federal agencies in a quest to develop cutting-edge, affordable technologies for underserved populations suffering from diabetes and heart disease. The prestigious award...
September 13, 2017
Diagnostics & Healthcare News
Australian Government Invests AU$13 Million into MedTech
The Australian government has announced that it is investing AU$13.3 million into medical technologies to help people living with severe mobility issues and chronic back pain. The AU$500 million Biomedical Translation Fund (BTF) will invest AU$5 million into Rex Bionics for the development...
September 12, 2017
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