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Medical Device Tax Repeal Still in Debate

Diagnostics & Healthcare News June 19, 2017

Democratic senators on the Appropriations Committee chafed at Price’s refusal to give “yes or no” answers to their queries, as they used his appearance before them to criticize the drafting an Obamacare replacement bill without their input, and for what they believe will be the bill’s harmful effects on the affordability of health coverage for millions of Americans.

Medical Device Tax Repeal

“We’re not going to ignore anything”, he told reporters Tuesday. John Cornyn, R-Texas, according to Politico. The Senate bill must save $133 billion under a procedural rule in order to pass with a simple majority. Mitch

McConnell and a select few Republican members of the Senate are now drafting a piece of legislation that represents one-sixth of our nation’s economy and jeopardizes the healthcare of millions of Americans – and nobody, not even the people who will be voting on its passage – has any idea of what’s in it.

Hoping to delay drastic funding cuts to Medicaid, 13 senators are hashing out the bill’s provisions behind closed doors.

The House bill passed in May was wildly unpopular with the public. The elderly and disabled would have that amount grow 1% faster than children and the able-bodied. Tim Scott of SC said last week. In non-expansion states, per-enrollee spending climbed by 5.1%. Yet if those hearings are driving the content of the bill, there should be no reason not to make the legislation public. “And there’s a push to bring it below the House, so that’s an issue”, Heller told Roll Call.

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