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Portable Ultrasound System Wirelessly Transmits Data to Smart Devices

Imaging Visualization & Navigation August 3, 2016

Healcerion, a company based in South Korea, has developed an ultrasound system that’s no bigger than the transducer itself. The SONON 300C uses a paired tablet or smartphone of your choice as the display, wirelessly transmitting the data to the smart device from where images can be analyzed and shared with others. It weighs only 13 ounces (360 grams), has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and in addition to WiFi connectivity sports 3G/LTE cellular capability as well.

ultrasound system

“When I do my rounds, I often feel that an ultrasonic diagnostic would be useful to evaluate a patient’s condition. Considering the large size of conventional ultrasonic devices, we do not even think about using them during rounds.” said Dr. Ga-won, Lim from National Medical Center in South Korea. “However, we know that SONON loads fast and produces an excellent resolution despite its small size. For doctors like us, the device is much appreciated because it suits different uses and applications. I am satisfied with SONON in my practice.”

General ultrasound devices can weigh over one hundred kilograms and cost around $140,000 for budget model units. They are rarely placed in emergency rooms due to a lack of stock or infrequent usage.

Using the portable SONON ultrasound, hHealth professionals can perform a diagnosis on the spot with patients, with the sonogram image instantly loaded to their smartphones or tablets. Smartphones or tablets can send sonogram images (DICOM, JEPG format) to PACS for a precise diagnosis.

“SONON is very useful when facing ambiguous cases between SBP(Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis) and Panperitonitis from micro-perforation” said Dr. Mi-Gyeong Hong, Professor of Surgery in the Kyung Hee Medicine School in South Korea.

Some of the SONON smartphone app features:

  • User-friendly UX
  • Image improvement Filter (Speckle noise reduction )
  • Fetal Biometry
  • DICOM and JEPG export (IMAGE)
  • DICOM format compatible with PACS

Source: SONON 300C Portable Ultrasound with Smartphone Controls | Medgadget

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