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The Legacy MedSearch Advantage

Legacy MedSearch is a retained executive recruitment firm, providing executive placement solutions to the Medical Device and Healthcare Technology industries.

Why Retain a leading Medical Device Recruitment Firm for your Hiring Needs?
Extensive Market Intelligence

It’s our full time job to be in the know. We have our finger on the pulse of the specialized Medical Device market at all times; we continuously study and consider business trends, the health of the hiring market, current salary rates, available candidates, and exactly where and how to engage them. With our market knowledge, we provide clients instrumental insight and alternative recruiting solutions to successfully secure top talent.

Extended Reach and Established Industry Relationships

In our experience, top talent can be hard to find, and sometimes your perfect candidate is already employed at your competitor’s company. Being experts in recruiting we have a track record of engaging passive, selective, and often gainfully employed candidates via our extended and established network. We are able to leverage our trusted, nationwide relationships to access an exclusive candidate pool that few internal hiring manager or HR teams could ever tap via traditional hiring efforts.

Access to Qualified Candidates, not Applicants

Typical hiring outreach methods are aimed at attracting an applicant pool, not targeted towards engaging a select group of specialized candidates required for Medical Device. Whether respondents are applying via your website or to a public job board, many applicants received this way are not necessarily ideal matches for your role. Unqualified applicants can waste your valuable time while you review, filter, assess, and even communicate with them, with uneven results. Whether you work with us via our Engaged Search or Retained Search, we manage the entire recruitment process on your behalf. And we only present the capable, pre-selected candidates.

Resources and Time, to Save you Resources and Time

Our Recruiters are niched by specialty area, each focusing their training, expertise and networking in a particular Medical Device area. We have a tenured recruiter dedicated to most specialties, and the internal business structure to focus on building your company with top talent full time. Moreover, hiring typically involves tight time constraints, and with our extensive national reach and access to coveted candidates, we generate quality candidates much faster and with more certainty.

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engaged search (exclusive)
retained search


Companies who wish to maintain their ability to fill positions internally (via HR).

Critical Positions;

Confidential Searches;

Guaranteed Results;

Positions where real-life, industry experience and knowledge is critical.


Full access to our database and recruitment within our known candidate profiles;

External recruiting through our extensive national network.

Research to include:
Primary Research via our extensive national network;

Secondary Research efforts including patent searches, industry publications, etc.


No – candidates may be presented to other clients imultaneously.

Yes – candidates will be presented exclusively to client.

candidate assessment


Abridged Candidate Assessment, includes: resume, limited work product samples, and recruiter comments.

Full Candidate Assessment, includes: professional profiles, resume, work product samples, and verbal presentation by lead recruiter to hiring team;



Upon agreement

Upon agreement


We agree to present qualified candidates within a defined period of time.

We agree to present at least three qualified candidates per opening within a defined period of time until an offer is accepted.


5 – year

5 – year


$5,000 of fee paid up front with remainder paid only upon successful placement.

1/3 Retainer;

1/3 upon conducting Face to Face Interview;

Balance upon Start Date.

*Legacy MedSearch does not currently offer a Contingency option, however we would be delighted to supply recommendations of excellent recruiters who may have the capacity and bandwidth to conduct a Contingency search.

**All information and rates are subject to change without prior notice.