Why Legacy?

We don’t Recruit Resumes, We Cultivate Your Company Culture

Unlike other recruiting firms, we don’t leverage the future success and long-term expansion of your business solely on Applicant Tracking Systems, market stats, or computer databases. Instead, upon narrowing our executive searches- we use much more valuable analytics: the professional discretion and experienced intuition of our people. We take the extra time to talk, connect with, and get to know each and every talent prospect so as to assess their unique professional and personal fit to your unique organization.

Our broad network and deep intuitive understanding of the Medical Device industry allows us to apply such personalized and dedicated attention to the people we place; allowing us to be extremely selective for our clients- to practically hand-pick the precise candidates who will integrate effortlessly into your company culture. We provide our clients the seamless, long-term return on investment they expect.

It Takes a Medical Device Professional to Recruit a Medical Device Professional

We add investment value to our Employers by only focusing on the Medical Device industry, to provide our Medical Device client companies with the highest caliber of Medical Device professionals only. By fully dedicating our business to yours, we eliminate typical recruiter inefficiencies of being over-prioritized, scattered or not being knowledgeable enough.

Unlike some firms with countless divisions from Culinary to Retail, when working with Legacy, you are assured to receive invariable company-wide recruiting services, tailored to match (and exceed!) the necessities of our specialized industry; because we believe in the value of being excellent in one thing, rather than okay amongst many.

We Prioritize Our Recruiting Focus, to Increase Your Revenue Faster

Being your business partner, we acknowledge and own the implications vacant positions can take on a company: from overhead effects of segmented interoffice teams and stretching existing employees thin to fill gaps, to productivity delays and lost revenue. It’s our years of recruiting experience and Medical industry understanding that affords us the competency to qualify top talent quickly, and prioritize the realization of Recruiting Speed as a key driver for influencing your business impact. We see our recruitment role as your biggest strategic contributor to increasing your bottom line, therefore we implement targeted candidate evaluations to consistently secure high-quality candidates, faster than the competition. Let’s just say- we know exactly what questions to ask, what skills to identify, and what competencies to pinpoint to place candidates fast- and contributing to your company faster.

We are Industry Experts, but We will Never Stop Learning

We are a team comprised of Medical Device and Healthcare Technology industry experts, but we don’t (and won’t) stop there. Our 30 year legacy of Medical Device and Healthcare Technology expertise – has been developed not only via years of exposure to the hiring market and recruiting business, but by way of analyzing and understanding the complex Medical industry. We pride ourselves in being a team committed to knowing more; committed to staying abreast of Medical Device development, emerging Healthcare Technology, and market research and commerce trends as to provide our clients and candidates the professional assurance they deserve. At Legacy we know the Medical Device and Tech industries are constantly evolving to stay relevant, and it’s necessary we stay current too. What sets us apart is our belief in continuing education and ongoing internal training for all our staff and management, which affords us the unquestionable trust we retain from all our clients.