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4 Ways to Avoid Job Interview Stress

April 11, 2022

4 Tips for Interview

Receiving a call that you have been selected for a job interview is great news, and it means you are officially being considered for the position. More importantly, it means you have already sparked your potential employer’s interest and they have acknowledged that you meet the basic requirements of the role. 

Interviews are exciting but also can be overwhelming. The key is to keep your nerves in check so you can think clearly, focus on the interviewer’s questions, and answer concisely yet thoroughly. 

So, how do you nix the jitters and put your best foot forward? Focus on these four key areas to set yourself up for a second call back. 


Give yourself plenty of time to get ready and make it to the interview. Showing up in a panic from being rushed or running late is never a good look, and the added stress can throw off your entire mindset. As a rule of thumb, if you’ve never been to the location before, drive to it the day prior, so you are 100% sure where it is located. And if it’s in town, it’s best to route it at the same time you are scheduled to be going to the interview, so you have an idea of the level of traffic or any other transit obstacles. If you are tight on time, try using a navigation app that factors in things like traffic at different times and any road closures. 


Nervousness is often deep-rooted in fear of rejection. Boost your confidence by eliminating anything that could surprise you (like traffic). Take the time necessary to explore and learn everything you can about the company, the position, and if possible, the person who will be interviewing you. Then, your answers can be tied to the company’s network and its operating procedures. Plus, you’ll get kudos for taking the initiative to do your homework! 


Write down some of the most common questions that you are likely to hear: “What do you consider to be your greatest strengths…weaknesses?” “Where do you see yourself in five years?” And so on. Review these questions in preparation and have your thought-through answers written down. Repeat your answers slowly until you are comfortable with how they sound. Practice saying them to a friend to ensure they sound natural. Also, imagine that you already have the job, and the interview is just a formality. Interviewers like to see confidence in whom they are potentially hiring. 


In today’s ever-changing world, video interviews are becoming increasingly common, bringing about a whole new set of considerations for preparing for an interview. The day before the interview, do a test video call on the device you will use with a friend. Think about how good your Wi-Fi connection is, if you need to clean your screen, and what is in the background behind you. Before jumping on the call, make sure to let anyone else around know that you will be on an interview video call. We’ve all gotten used to pets and kids making surprise appearances during morning meetings, but you want to make sure you are not thrown off your game today! 

By focusing on planning ahead, you will eliminate surprises, delays, and potential problems, making you more comfortable and less nervous. Do everything you can to properly eliminate factors of the unknown so that you can fully focus on adequately marketing your strengths- not your anxieties. 

By Paula Rutledge

Legacy MedSearch has more than 30 years of combined experience recruiting in the medical device industry. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to communicate quickly and honestly with all parties in the hiring process. Our clients include both blue-chip companies and innovative startups within the MedTech space. Over the past 10 years, we have built one of the strongest networks of device professionals ranging from sales, marketing, research & , quality & regulatory, project management, field service, and clinical affairs.

We offer a variety of different solutions for hiring managers depending on the scope and scale of each individual search. We craft a personalized solution for each client and position with a focus on attracting the best possible talent in the shortest possible time frame.

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