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Our recruiters know that changing careers can be extremely stressful and oftentimes overwhelming. At Legacy MedSearch, we are recognized for going above and beyond to create long-term relationships, and that benefits our candidates too. When you work with Legacy MedSearch, you receive open communication, reputable industry relationships, and the utmost discretion while you are advancing your career goals. Our candidates are extremely important to us, and making you feel comfortable and confident is amongst our highest priorities.

Candidates need to exercise conscious control over their time spent performing different activities. Multitasking is a key to increase results.
Our Commitment to Our Candidates

To the Legacy MedSearch Team, nothing is more valuable than building relationships with trust. Working with Legacy, you can trust that our recruiters will take the time to understand your professional skills and your personal goals, and work on your behalf to place you in the right position, within the right company. From career reviews, establishing your strengths, weaknesses, and career goals, to facilitating your exit strategy and negotiating your future compensation package- your recruiter will be by your side thru every step of your career transition. That’s our commitment to you.

Our Candidates Leverage Their Skills with Our Relationships to Accelerate Their Career

As an experienced executive search firm for the medical device and technology industry, we have leveraged our 30 years in the medtech industry to establish national rapport with hundreds of medical device companies, from private tech-savvy startups to Fortune 100 firms. We often personally know who the key players are within the companies you want to work.

Our Expert Insider Candidate Guides and Exclusive Career Search Tools are Always Available

We are committed to your career search needs, so we are always available to provide you advice, tips, and tools to help you navigate the career search arena and executive hiring process. Below is valuable career search information, online forums, and candidate guides written by industry professionals to provide exclusive insight and insider advice to help you jump start your career search today. Visit this Candidate Solutions page frequently, and follow us on social media daily, as we regularly update our industry research, add to our career search tools, and post new and available medical device positions.

Medical Device Overview Resource

The Medical Experience Overview is a resource organized by technologies and products to help provide potential employers with a more concrete look at your experience. We encourage you to send your completed Medical Experience Overview our way during your career search. And we will work with you personally to help set you up for job search success.

Communicate Your Overview With Us

To send us your Overview for constructive and useful feedback:

To further assist you in completing your Medical Experience Overview, be sure to open and view our Sample Completed Overview to ensure you are on the right track.

5 Steps to Jump Start Your Career
  1. Check your resume over to ensure it is keyword rich, and effectively conveys your background to readers. For examples and guidelines on Resume keyword stuffing, review our resume tips;
  2. Read our Interview Prep Guide for Medical Device, and improve your ability to communicate your background and what has made you successful to potential employers;
  3. View Open Positions at Legacy MedSearch online, and upload an updated resume to keep on file (to be easily accessed!) with our staff of experienced recruiters;
  4. Network with over 30,000 Medical Device professionals via our LinkedIn Medical Device Group; and
  5. Complete our Medical Technology Overview to assist you in showcasing your Medical Device expertise per any functional area on your Resume or within your Professional Portfolio.
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Senior Level Executive Opportunities

Locating executives that have the right combination of leadership, management experience, and industry knowledge can be challenging in a specialized field like medical device. We specialize in finding and placing senior level medical device executives to meet all hiring needs. With 25+ years in the medical device trenches, our President and Founder Paula Rutledge personally handles these specialized and sometimes sensitive searches. We would be happy to help you meet all of your senior level executive hiring needs.

If you are a senior level medical device executive with 15+ years of medical device experience and are interested in finding out more about the senior positions we have available.

Learn More    Contact Paula Directly

Search our current open opportunities to take your first step to success in Medical Device and Healthcare IT today. Focusing on you and your career is our Job- now it’s time for you to find yours. Let’s get started.