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A Candid Conversation with Our CEO and Founder on Conquering Remote Work Challenges | Legacy MEDSearch

June 20, 2023

  1. When did you first offer flexible work policies? What led your organization to implement a flexible work environment? 
    • For almost a decade, our company has been at the forefront of embracing work from home flexibility. We recognized the importance of accommodating our exceptional team members at all stages of their lives. By providing the option to work from home, we aimed to alleviate the traditional barriers and challenges associated with a fixed office-based environment. We’re committed to allowing our team to work in an environment that works best for them, leading to us keeping an office space, but also allowing work from home. We have teammates that prefer the office setting (myself included), but we also want to support our teammates that feel more productive and comfortable working from home.
  2. What challenges have you faced in managing and supporting remote teams, and how have you addressed them?
    • Managing and supporting remote teams comes with unique challenges, but we have proactively addressed them through strategic measures. Our choice to use Microsoft Teams for both calling and chatting ensures real-time communication and seamless collaboration. We have also implemented a shared Outlook calendar system, enabling convenient scheduling and the transparent tracking of time off. To foster team bonding and alignment, we organize in-person all-hands meetings approximately once a quarter. These gatherings allow our team to come together, share updates, and engage in meaningful discussions.
  3. How do you maintain company culture and communication among employees when they are working remotely?
    • Maintaining company culture and communication among remote employees is paramount to us. We believe there is a lot more to company culture than pizza parties in the break room. Company culture to us is having a team dedicated to achieving the same goals professionally, but also supporting each other in matters not related to the office. Fostering a supportive company culture goes hand in hand with allowing workplace flexibility.
  4. Do you see work from home policies as a temporary solution to a specific situation, or a permanent shift in the way companies operate?
    • We believe that work from home policies represent a permanent shift in the way companies operate. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of remote work, revealing its viability and benefits for both employees and organizations. As companies embrace flexible work arrangements, those unwilling to adapt may risk losing talented professionals who prioritize the flexibility and autonomy that remote work provides. Legacy MEDSearch had already embraced a hybrid work model prior to the pandemic, recognizing the advantages it offers in terms of work-life balance and employee satisfaction. We have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of this approach on our team’s productivity and well-being, and we are confident that remote and hybrid work models will continue to shape the future of work. 
  5. What do you think the greatest benefits are of offering flexible working environments?
    • The greatest benefits of flexible working environments I see are allowing individuals more time for family, friends, and hobbies, while also improving productivity for many. By prioritizing work-life balance and offering autonomy, employees can nurture personal relationships and engage in fulfilling activities outside of work. Simultaneously, flexibility contributes to enhanced focus, motivation, and efficiency, benefiting both individuals and organizations.

Written by: Melissa King and Paula Rutledge

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