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How Office Buzzwords are Hurting Your Communication, and How to Fix it

March 29, 2023

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Let’s do a deep dive on best practices to maximize our synergy to move the needle on low-hanging fruit. Or, let’s collaborate on some processes to get started on our most attainable objectives.  

So, which one sounds better?  

We’re guessing the second option. So why are we letting our workplace communication get so muddy with corporate jargon?  

Corporate jargon is the “low-hanging fruit” to be a better communicator 

  1. Speak for clarity, not for Scrabble points. 

“Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.” – Sir Richard Branson 

When you are communicating in the workplace, the objective should always be communicating in the most effective way possible. Often when our message is too littered with buzzwords, we start to lose some of the effectiveness and put our conversation at risk of being misinterpreted. Always read back through your message and ask yourself, is there a simpler way to convey the same message? Remember, less is more! 

  1. Speaking clearly establishes trust and helps build a relationship. 

“Oh! don’t use big words. They mean so little.” – Oscar Wilde 

If people understand what you are telling them, they are more likely to trust you and accept what you are saying to be true. For example, audiences tend to trust brands who use simple language in their marketing more than brands that use more industry-specific language. It is much easier for our minds to connect with a message we understand! 

  1. Communicators who speak for clarity are perceived as more intelligent.  

“One thing seems certain: write as simply and plainly as possible and it’s more likely you’ll be thought of as intelligent.” – Daniel M. Oppenheimer Ph.D., Professor of Psychology 

During his years at Princeton, Dr. Daniel M. Oppenheimer conducted a study investigating the impact of using long, academic-sounding words on audience perception, and the results were quite conclusive. Participants found that the more they understood the message, the more intelligent they considered it to be. Everyone remembers the days of using Thesaurus to try to spruce up a college essay, but sadly, we now know that was time wasted! 

So, how do you “move the needle” on losing your corporate jargon?  

We get it, a habit is a habit, and it can be difficult to break it. But, here are a few tips to get started! 

  • Make a list of the phrases you use the most and keep them on a sticky note at your desk. 
  • Listen to recorded sessions or meetings when available to get an idea of any patterns.  
  • Think through some easy switches ahead of time! Here are a few of our favorites: 
  • Instead of saying “low-hanging fruit,” say easy wins or quick wins. 
  • Instead of “bandwidth,” say availability or even easier, time!  
  • Instead of “run it up the flagpole,” just say you will gather feedback. 
  • Instead of “deep dive,” say you need to go into more detail.  
  • Instead of “paradigm shift,” say we need to change approach, or think about a problem differently. 

It can be hard to change the way you communicate in the workplace, but with some thoughtfulness and practice, it will improve your communication skills! 

Written by: Melissa King

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