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How to Start Your Successful Job Search in the Medical Device Industry

October 14, 2015

At A Glance: As a new grad it can be difficult to break in to the Medical Device business without connections, but (as always!) we can help! Read our expert tips and guidelines on how to start your successful job search in the industry sans a network. First, compile a list of MD companies, then try to call or email the hiring manager whom works with graduates. Second, compile a list of MD Recruiters, make contact, and send your resume ASAP. Third, make sure you are only submitting pristine resumes; no matter the length or experience level, only submit resumes that are descriptive, spell-checked, and worthy of being reviewed by your potential employer. Fourth, make use of LinkedIn to build your professional network. And finally, join your local professional organizations.

As a new graduate you may be nervous about searching for a job in the Medical Device industry. Most job board positions require prior experience, and it can be difficult to break into the business without connections. But as we like to say: never fear! You will have the career you’ve always dreamed of, but first, you have start the search- and start it off right. Read our expert tips and guidelines on how to start your successful job search in the Medical Device industry today:

1. Compile a List of Medical Device Companies: Many entry-level positions are not posted publicly, so try to call or email the hiring manager whom works with graduates. Introduce yourself, explain your interest in working for their company, and remember to treat that first conversation as you would any other interview. Speak professionally, limit background noise, give the hiring manager your full attention, and be ready to take notes before the call starts.

2. Compile a List of Medical Device Recruiters: Try not to discriminate between entry level and upper level recruiters since all networking is good networking. Many recruiters specialize in niche career arenas such as medical devices, healthcare IT, engineering, or hospital staff. Look for the recruiters that represent your interests best, then give them a call with the same professionalism you did when calling on your list of Medical Device companies (see above!). Also, send an email with your resume as soon as you can; many recruiters have an automatic system for loading resumes, so even a short email will put you on their radar for future positions.

3. Pristine Resumes Only: No matter the length or experience level, only submit Resumes that are descriptive, spell-checked, and worthy of being reviewed by your potential employer. We encourage you to visit our Blog Library for more information on proper Resume Building. Our Blogs, such as: 4 Tips for Writing an Engaging Entry-Level Resume will provide entry-level candidates like you tips and recommendations on how to attract more interview opportunities, and appropriately showcase the experience you do have on your resume.

4. Use LinkedIn to Build a Professional Network, and Find Jobs: Leveraging existing connections can help you find opportunities that don’t make it to the job boards. Research the companies your connections work for, and send them an introductory message asking if they know of any opportunities for new graduates. Be sure to explain your background in the message, for example: mention your degree and any relevant experience you gained in college.

5. Join Professional Organizations: It is always a good idea to join Professional Organizations for networking and brain storming. Many associations host free events and maintain job boards, so be sure to take full advantage of your membership once enrolled.

A few Professional Organizations we love and recommend you to look into are:

  • The American Society for Quality (ASQ)
  • The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEE – EMB)
  • American Marketing Association (AMA)
  • A list of other associations

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