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The Internet of Things Transforming Healthcare as We Know It

February 3, 2017

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

IoT will have an impact on the healthcare industry. It is already been used both at the doctor and patient levels. The various devices like glucose meters, thermometers, electrocardiogram etc are being connected so that the patient can keep a tab on his or her health. Some hospitals also have facilities wherein the bed can sense the presence of the patient and can adjust itself so that the patient is comfortable. IoT is very useful especially in case of follow ups and health check-ups.

Use of IoT at homes

This method can be used in patients’ homes as well. One can make use of medication dispensers at home, which will upload all the information and the doctor can be aware if the patient is taking the medication properly and if the overall health of the patient is good. This is mainly useful for those patients who do not take medicines properly.

Are healthcare companies taking IoT seriously?

Yes, healthcare companies are taking IoT seriously. Several big giants are already investing a huge amount of money and manpower in developing new products for medical purposes. Big players like Microsoft have come up with Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

This will help in cloud-based delivery in healthcare. IBM also plans to invest large amount of money in IoT. There are several start-ups which are also venturing in this field. These start-ups are ConnectedHealthEarlySense, Proteus Digital Health, Qardio etc.

IoT and future of healthcare

If medical equipments are embedded with IoT devices then the doctors will get detailed information about the patients’ health. It will also help them know which patients need attention on priority. Thus IoT will be very useful in getting medical attention as early as possible. It will help the patient get medical treatment before the case becomes an emergency.IoT will also help in remote healthcare.

The patients’ health can be monitored by the doctor remotely and the patient need not go for follow ups or routine checkups at the doctor’s clinic.IoT will also help the patients get early discharge from hospitals. The doctors need not keep the patient in the hospital for observation. They can keep a track of the patient’s health remotely. IoT will help in proper monitoring and that too in a non invasive way.

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