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Maquet Unveils Two New Advanced ICU Ventilators

January 11, 2016


MaquetMaquet Medical is releasing two new ICU ventilators, one general purpose for most patients and one designed for support in neonates and infants. The SERVO-U and SERVO-n mechanical ventilators were designed to feature an intuitive interface while offering advanced patient specific capabilities such as NAVA (Neurally Adjusted Ventilatory Assist).

The SERVO-U is a ventilator that works with patients from neonates to adults. It is controlled exclusively using the large touch-screen display which shows context-specific options leading the user through settings relevant for each case. The system is upgradeable, allowing to extend the usefulness of the machine as new ventilation technology comes around.

The SERVO-n was designed for neonatal and infant patients with unique needs. It aims to protect vital organs, such as the lungs and brain, from damage during ventilation. The device sports a new hot-wire anemometer flow sensor to help control the amount of pressure and tidal volumes administered to the fragile patients. It features both NAVA and non-invasive NAVA functionality that helps the mechanical ventilation match the irregular breathing patterns common in neonates. Of course it also has a picture of a ladybug on its side.

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