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Narbis Launches Smart Glasses Using Neurofeedback and NASA-Developed Algorithm to Encourage Practicing Focus and Concentration

October 31, 2019


 Narbis, a technology company dedicated to developing wellness products that encourage practicing focus and concentration, today announced the online availability of its proprietary Narbis smart glasses that use principles of neurofeedback and an algorithm developed by NASA to discourage distractibility and reward concentration while reading, working on the computer, studying, or doing homework. Narbis smart glasses represent an exciting option for families looking for a convenient way to practice attention and focus in day-to-day tasks.


Narbis uses neurofeedback with a penalty-and-reward model based on brain patterns, known as operant conditioning, a practice that has been used for over 50 years. Narbis’ technology requires only three sensors—one behind each ear and one on top of the head—and an app powered by a NASA algorithm to track relaxation, distraction, and focus. When distracted, the glasses darken. When relaxed and concentrating, the glasses instantly clear.

Highlights and features include:

  • Designed for easy, in-home use by children and adults
  • Provides immediate and instantaneous feedback on attention
  • Freedom and convenience to use the smart glasses while performing an activity of choice—be it homework, reading or studying—without interrupting other daily activities
  • The included tablet and app shows performance and tracks progress, providing reinforcement of results

“Narbis fits into users’ daily lives by allowing them to practice their attention while performing everyday activities, whether in school or at home,” said Devon Greco, CEO and Founder of Narbis. “In an increasingly connected world where we have distractions all around us, Narbis can help people practice ignoring distractions and maintaining concentration while completing tasks.”

Narbis suggests wearing the glasses two to three times a week for 30-minutes.

The Narbis smart glasses are available online at for a special-pre-order price of $590 (regular price $690). For more information and user testimonials, please visit the Narbis website or contact us here.

About Narbis

Leveraging the Narbis team’s previous success with an official NASA spin-off company developing products to help people practice staying focused, Narbis was founded in 2013 to continue developing ways to encourage people to practice their attention performance. Narbis has developed a convenient, at-home, easy-to-use training device designed to help individuals work on focus and concentration habits in daily activities.

The parent company, Domenic Greco Ventures, Corp., was named after Narbis founder Devon Greco’s father, Dr. Domenic Greco, a leading clinical psychologist. Sadly, Dr. Greco was diagnosed with ALS in 2009. Alongside his youngest son, Devon, he continued to work throughout his illness on innovation in the area of easy to use neurofeedback systems for individuals. Narbis was conceived by Devon before Dr. Greco’s premature death in 2013. He continues to be an inspiration to the work and innovation behind Narbis.

See Full Press Release: Narbis Launches Smart Glasses Using Neurofeedback and NASA-Developed Algorithm to Encourage Practicing Focus and Concentration

Written by: Narbis

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