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Network to Sharpen your Long Term Job Search Strategy

May 12, 2022


The reality of today is there is seldom a permanent job: With ever-growing competition, and the increased frequency of mergers, acquisitions, closures, offshoring, etc. have demonstrated that even the most tenured employee does not have long-term job certainty. All of these factors affect employees regardless of seniority, management/staff level, function or industry.

Take the necessary steps to proactively set yourself up for success by properly preparing for a potential job search. Don’t wait until your employment picture looks bleak, or until a layoff is imminent.  To put it in perspective, you started a 401K to be prepared for retirement, right? You make daily decisions like going to the doctor for check-ups, driving a safe car, and purposefully moving to an area with a great school system; for what? All to be prepared for your future and to set yourself (and your family) up for success.

So let’s shake the uncertainty, and get started on preparing for your next job search today- it may not be for years to come, or it might be never, but don’t you want to feel better knowing a plan will be in place?

Getting Started

In order to have a reliable employment plan, we must first recognize if our current one is not adequate. Many working professionals believe that if they have a semi-up-to-date resume, a connection or two with a recruiter, and continue to casually network, then they are prepared. Unfortunately, that’s not enough today.  


  1. Inadequate Networks  

What worked in networking even two years ago is not sufficient today. Having a large number of connections will not necessarily help you secure your next role. Look for meaningful relationships with people in your industry and interact with them regularly.  

  1. Poor Resume  

In today’s job search marketplace, finding employment is a big free-for-all competition for attention. What makes you different? What makes you more valuable than the other 500 candidates? What will you do to make yourself stand out on paper and in person? Most gainfully employed people have not updated their resumes since before their current positions. Update your resume cyclically, so you don’t miss out on an opportunity over a dated resume.  

  1. No Job Search Plan  

Many people who are at least content with their current employers do not keep up with today’s job search communities and do not regularly explore job openings to know what’s available in their field. In addition, they do not investigate job boards such as Indeed or The Ladders. Rightfully so, most employed people lose sight of the non-employed world. Finding a job is entirely different today than pre-pandemic, so even if you had a strategy for a job search five years ago, it is likely dated.  

So, what are the factors that constitute a “great job search strategy,” and what will keep you ahead of the game? It is essential to always be involved in a passive job search. Follow these seven steps consistently throughout your career, and you will be prepared for any career change opportunity:  

  1. Have a Stand-Out Resume  

Update your resume quarterly whether you think you need it or not. For more tips on writing your resume, read one of our articles about building your best resume!  

  1. Create a Target List of Companies  

Don’t just focus on the prominent big players. There are many opportunities in small and medium-sized companies as well. Look into as many companies as possible and create your target list. Set up Google alerts and ‘follow’ these companies, as well as a few key employees whom you may be able to contact in the event of a job change.  

  1. Create a Target List of Contacts  

Create a list of key managers, employees, recruiters, and executives you can establish and maintain contact with during the year. Remember that networking goes both ways; proactively seek to be a resource to those you share professional commonalities.  

  1. Expand your LinkedIn Network  

Add 25-50 users per month. Use the LinkedIn company search function to connect with the decision-makers in your target company list. My own LinkedIn network has been at the site’s maximum of 30,000 connections for years, and I am generous in forwarding introductions and linking people regardless of whether there is a fee in it for me. “Pay it forward.”  

  1. Attend Networking Events  

Attend conferences and trade shows – 2 per quarter at a minimum. Attend social events and seek out people you want to establish a relationship with. Often, people are more accessible at conventions than in their offices, where gatekeepers and time constraints hinder your ability to communicate with leaders in your field.  

  1. Stay in Touch  

Maintain communication with key contacts at least four times a year. Message them on LinkedIn, pick up the phone, or simply comment on their latest article on LinkedIn.  

  1. Stay Connected to Retained Search Firms  

The candidates that headhunters are most apt to help are good referral sources. If someone is a friend of our company in providing potential candidates, I will absolutely go above and beyond to help them – proactively – should they need a new opportunity. If unemployed, reach out monthly via email and phone.  

All these passive job search strategies should be conducted regardless of employment status. The bottom line: do not wait until you have job security concerns to have a job search plan in place. Always be a step ahead of the game. 

Written by: Paula Rutledge

Legacy MedSearch has more than 35 years of combined experience recruiting in the medical device industry. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to communicate quickly and honestly with all parties in the hiring process. Our clients include both blue-chip companies and innovative startups within the MedTech space. Over the past 17 years, we have built one of the strongest networks of device professionals ranging from sales, marketing, research & , quality & regulatory, project management, field service, and clinical affairs.

We offer a variety of different solutions for hiring managers depending on the scope and scale of each individual search. We craft a personalized solution for each client and position with a focus on attracting the best possible talent in the shortest possible time frame.

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