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SELLING in the O.R. — 6 Rules For Knowing When to Speak Up… and When to Keep Your Mouth Shut

May 25, 2017

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We wanted to share a great article from Hannibal Bray – Medical Device Sales Leader & Coach, New Technology Expert.  Make sure to click the link below to read the article in its entirety and share his article with your connections.

1. The Patient Always Comes First

First off, you must always remember that it’s a privilege to be invited into the operating room. Never forget that it’s about the patient getting the best possible care, regardless of whether that involves using your product or not.

2. Confirm Game Plan with the Surgeon

You can never be too prepared. Even if you’ve been in the room for dozens of procedures with a particular surgeon, there are a handful of questions that never get old… make sure you get these answered before the case.

  • What’s going on with this patient? What’s their diagnosis, medical history, any special circumstances, co-morbidities, etc.?
  • Do you think you’ll need us today)? If so, WHY?
  • What did you see in clinic that made you think of us? Was there something on their MRI, X-ray, or referring physician notes, that stood out?
  • What are you looking for intra-operatively to confirm your diagnosis? At what point during the case will you decide if you’ll be using us or not?
  • Is it OK to ask you questions while you’re working? This is really important because while some docs love to teach… others DO NOT want to be disturbed — make sure you know their preference.

3. Hands-On Review Before the Case

Depending on how familiar the surgeon is with your device, and / or how recently they have used it… be prepared to give them a quick hands-on refresher with your demo gear. Even if the surgeon is “good to go” find out if there is anyone new in the room (PA, first assist, scrub tech) who would benefit from a quick demo.

The best time for this is before they scrub in, however, having your demo gear handy in the room during the case can be a lot more effective than just pointing and saying “grab that thing over there on the left and twist it clockwise…”

4. Play Nice With Other Reps

  • Friendly Reps – Over time, you’re going to make friends “at work” with other reps who call on the same accounts / surgeons. There’s nothing wrong with this, just make sure you don’t get too chatty in the O.R. because it can be distracting. Some docs like a loud room with music and lots of talking… but don’t ever take this for granted. Feel things out every case and make sure you’re always seen as an asset and not a distraction.
  • Competitive Reps – There will be plenty of occasions when you’re in the room with a competitor and the key here is to keep your cool and maintain your posture. Yes, you need to rep your gear… but don’t be obnoxious.
  • When asked how your device stacks up against your competition, take the high road and focus on your product’s strengths. There are plenty of ways to differentiate the value of your solution without bashing the other guy.
  • And when you find yourself in a head-to-head situation where the surgeon could justifiably use either your device or your competitor’s… asking questions to confirm their preference for your product is a good idea. “Hey doc, what are you thinking for _______?” or “Would you like me to get the ______ ready for you?”
  • When you get the nod over your competitor, don’t gloat… because tomorrow that could be you playing second fiddle. On those days, your business isn’t growing — but you are! Take that opportunity to learn something new and discover if there’s something you could have done differently to position your product more favorably in the surgeon’s mind.

Read the More of the Story at the Source: SELLING in the O.R. — 6 Rules For Knowing When to Speak Up… and When to Keep Your Mouth Shut #medicaldevices #surgicalsales | Hannibal Bray | Pulse | LinkedIn

by: Hannibal Bray – Medical Device Sales Leader & Coach, New Technology Expert

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