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Sinus Surgery with High-Tech Navigation Now an In-Office Procedure 

January 10, 2017

Sinus surgery

NORWALK, Conn. (WTNH) – Sinus surgery with high-tech navigation. It’s similar to a GPS system and until recently, it was only offered in hospitals.

Now it’s down to a small computer and benefiting patients like Eric Fleisch.

Sinus surgeryHe is under local anesthesia, awake for the in-office sinus procedure at Connecticut ENT Sinus and Allergy in Norwalk.

Dr. Robert Weiss is his surgeon.

“We’re doing a sort of a combination procedure of a balloon sinus dialation of the sinuses but we are also doing some polyp and tissue removal as well,” says Dr. Weiss.

His patient deals with sinus infections all year round.

Eric explains, “My sinuses fill up. They don’t drain. It gets infected.”

He wants a permanent solution for a number of reasons, “Well sleeping, the pain, the sinus infection, the drainage. You can’t constantly take antibiotics and decongestant tablets.”

To get the job done, Dr. Weiss relies on a navigation technology that is more compact that it can be used in an office setting. He is the first in the state to do it as an in-office procedure.

He says, “Fiagon is sort of the latest in development of this technology.”

The system allows him to operate and see exactly where he is in real time using Eric’s CT scan.

Read Full Article & Watch Video – Source: Sinus surgery with high-tech navigation now an in-office procedure | WTNH Connecticut News

Author – Jocelyn Maminta Medical/Health Reporter

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