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This Is Your Medical Device Resume… On Steroids

April 20, 2017

medical device resume

Being in the recruiting business for as long as we have, we’ve been asked one particular question hundreds of times: How do you really get past the HR Gatekeeper?

Finding the perfect medical device resume is like talent scouting for recruiters. There are so many candidates who want to make it! So many that we can’t actually look at them all, so we pinpoint the fastest read- and vet the strongest. Like talent agents, we don’t have time to give each resume a thorough examination. To be honest, on average, we will probably only spend about 8 seconds on your submission; spending about 6 of the 8 seconds looking primarily at the top half of your resume before we decide you may be a viable candidate to join the team.

So with that key insider info, you may now be asking yourself: How do I get my resume to be strong, and easily visible to us hiring managers? The answer is Keywords, keywords… KEYWORDS! Read our 4 keys to keyword success, and learn how to properly pump up your resume to get past the HR Gatekeepers:

  • Take Out the Fluff.

    One of the most common ways recruiters find qualified candidates is by putting a keyword search in their database and relying on the best matches. This means that boilerplate terms you’ve stuffed your resume full of like, “dynamic leader,” “great team member,” and “visionary,” are just taking up space, and taking away from things we DO care about. It’s actually pretty logical- think about it; when we search for a product manager, we don’t search for “dynamic leader,” instead we search product names, certifications, areas of expertise, and programming languages. If you’re an expert in using flexible endoscopes for a transsphenoidal procedure or a PEEK composite for a spinal implant, put that exact terminology on your resume. Have you worked through a Class 3 IDE? Are you Six Sigma certified? Do you have an extensive SQL background? Acquired IP? Let us know using the exact technical phraseology so our computers can find you!

  • List Past Skills Too!

    We’re interested in your progression as a professional. If you can, list vendors, competition, distributors, or software you have worked with and used in past positions. Listing such pertinent information from your past can lead to citing extremely advantageous keywords as to manage your future. Also, include the title you are pursuing in your arsenal of resume keywords. For example, if you’re a marketing manager now, put “Director of Marketing” in your objective section.

Exclusive Recruiting Tip

If there is a certification, capability or previous accomplishment that is unique or extremely valuable about you, list it twice. You’ll show up higher in our search results!

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  • Make Your Resume Easy to Find.

    The easiest way to make your resume more searchable is by not including quotations, slashes, conjunctions, or only inputting one variation of multiple possible listings. By keeping your resume verbiage clean, and comprehensive, you will make your resume easier to find. And don’t forget, some search programs only examine the first 100 words of a document, so make sure your first 100 words are the most keyword rich and specific.

  • Leverage a Controversial Secret.

    Add another section to your resume titled: Keywords. This tactic is somewhat controversial in the recruiting community, but we personally find it extremely helpful. Use the designated space to include all of the phrases and words that would otherwise look strange or not flow properly if placed elsewhere on your resume. This is the resume building real estate where to list phrases without conjunctions, to note multiple variations of a title (i.e. Pro-Engineer, Pro-E, Pro/e), and to input all such software (and coinciding level of proficiency) you’re familiar with.

We guarantee, following these keyword guidelines will help your superstar resume find its way into the inbox of the talent agents who can take your career to the next level. Trust us, we’re experts.

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