Have You Seen It? Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs

By Joel Cheesman After nearly a year of speculation, a search engine optimizer in Australia capturing screenshots in the wild, and an official announcement from the CEO, Google for Jobs officially launches today. Now, when you visit Google and type in “marketing jobs,” “jobs near me,” “teaching jobs” or similar job searches, you’ll see results…

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The New War On Sepsis

Dawn Nagel, a nurse at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, Calif., knew she was going to have a busy day, with more than a dozen patients showing signs of sepsis. They included a 61-year-old mechanic with diabetes. An elderly man recovering from pneumonia. A new mom whose white blood cell count had shot up after…

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5 Reasons Why Doctors Are Considering Artificial Disc Replacement Over Cervical Fusions

Cervical Fusions

By: Jennifer E. Landis Cervical fusions are often considered the best and sometimes only treatment option for patients with spinal disc degeneration. When the cartilage disc between the vertebra disintegrates or starts to degenerate, the two vertebra are fused together to prevent the two pieces of bone from rubbing against each other when the patient…

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Robots for Assisted Living 

Assisted Living 

The Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL) will host the first European- Commission funded European Robotics League (ERL) tournament for service robots to be held in the UK. Two teams from the BRL and Birmingham will pitch their robots against each other in a series of events from 26 and 30 June. Robots designed to support people…

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Do Hip Arthroscopic Procedures Really Help? 

Over the past 15 to 20 years, the use of arthroscopic procedures for hip pathologies has rapidly increased. Leaders in sports medicine have standardized many arthroscopic techniques, including methods of joint distraction, portal location, approaches to labral repair or debridement, and management of cartilage lesions. Many in the orthopaedic community have wondered whether this expansive …

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10 AI Apps Set to Play Important Role in Healthcare Development

If you have doubt that artificial intelligence is going to play a role in healthcare’s continued development, think again.   A new report from Accenture, titled “Artificial Intelligence: Healthcare’s New Nervous System,” provides a bit of clarity on why technology will be a growing force in the medical world. Accenture predicts the health AI market…

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Medical Device Tax Repeal Still in Debate

Medical Device Tax Repeal

Democratic senators on the Appropriations Committee chafed at Price’s refusal to give “yes or no” answers to their queries, as they used his appearance before them to criticize the drafting an Obamacare replacement bill without their input, and for what they believe will be the bill’s harmful effects on the affordability of health coverage for…

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Medtronic’s Tyrx Antibacterial Envelope Aims to Reduce Infection Rates

Tyrx Antibacterial Envelope

Medtronic PLC has quietly signed up more than 140 U.S. hospitals and clinics in a program that aims to cut infection rates in heart devices using its innovative dissolvable surgical envelopes and rebates. Replacing heart devices that have become infected is estimated to add more than $1 billion in expenses to the U.S. health care…

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Saranas Raises $4M to Advance Real-Time Detection Device of Internal Bleeding During Cardiac Procedures


HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Saranas, a medical device company with a new technology for real-time detection of internal bleeding during cardiac procedures, has closed a $4 million Series B round of financing. The funding will be used to advance the company’s Early Bird™ Bleed Detection device through final product testing and FDA submission later this year. Newly appointed…

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Incentives to Upgrade Legacy Medical Devices

Legacy Medical

Cycling out legacy medical systems and devices that create cybersecurity vulnerabilities for healthcare providers is a difficult task that could benefit from a structured incentive program, experts say. One reason healthcare is plagued with cybersecurity vulnerabilities is that the industry is built on a bedrock of legacy systems and devices in an increasingly connected environment.…

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