5 medical devices featured in TIME’s Best Inventions of 2015 

Best Inventions

Each year innovators are venturing to take technology to the next level, and in TIME’s annual ‘Best Inventions’ list for 2015, five medical devices made the mark. Here they are: 6SensorLabs’ Nima: It’s not often that a medical device is considered cute, but this one fits the bill. Many people (as we know more than…

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Evena Medical Launches First Smart Glasses for Clinicians at MEDICA 2015 with Ultrasound for Deep Tissue Vascular Imaging 

evena medical

DÜSSELDORF, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MEDICA 2015 – Evena Medical, a leader in the development of high-quality, high-definition imaging for fast, accurate and precise medical imaging, today announced the launch of its Eyes-On® Glasses 3.0, offering clinicians the first point-of-care wearable ultrasound system for deep tissue vascular imaging. “We are proud of what the Evena team has accomplished…

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Former Biogen R&D Chief Resurfaces at $80M Startup Codiak Biosciences Pursuing Cancer, Alzheimer’s

Codiak Biosciences

Doug Williams left one of biotechnology’s biggest R&D jobs, at Biogen, in July. Now we know why. Williams is now the founding CEO of Codiak Biosciences, a Cambridge, Mass.-based startup. The little company is announcing today it has raised $80 million in committed venture capital spread over two installments. Two venture firms known for creating…

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Startup CEOs Reveal the 1 Question They Ask Every Job Candidate


The companies in this article were included in the Entrepreneur360™ Performance Index. Part of the appeal of running your own business is that you get to hand-pick exactly who you work alongside each day. But let’s face it: it seems as if no matter how much you vet each candidate, you never quite know what…

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Google Aims a $50 Million Moonshot at Curing Heart Disease

Heart Disease

CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE KILLS MORE people on Earth than anything else—over 17 million a year, and the number keeps going up. Of those deaths, more than 40 percent is due to coronary heart disease. Medicine has drugs that can treat it and practices that can help prevent it, but nobody really knows what causes it or how to…

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Are Your Social Media Accounts at Risk from Employers Demanding Your Passwords

Social Media

Embarrassing selfies. Drinking photos. Rants about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. All of those Facebook, Twitter or Instagram postings are hidden from anyone but your friends, right? Don’t be so sure. Some employers are demanding passwords from employees and job-seekers for social media accounts protected with privacy settings. Under current law, Florida businesses can ask…

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3 “Magic Tricks” for Negotiating Salary in Your New Job

Negotiating Salary

If you’re not working through an executive headhunter, you should be prepared to negotiate a compensation package that accurately reflects your value. However, many candidates avoid negotiations because they are uncomfortable or unaware of their market value. Don’t be discouraged by the awkward conversation, set yourself up for long-term success and satisfaction with these 3 tips for…

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Facial Reconstruction with No Scars

Facial Reconstruction

Scar-free facial reconstruction is now a reality. A team led by Daniel Borsuk, a doctor at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont and a professor at the University of Montreal, recently conducted the very first such procedure in the history of plastic surgery in Canada. The hospital is part of the CIUSS de l’Est-de-l’île-de-Montréal health network. In an eight-hour…

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Human Limb Regeneration by 2030

Limb Regeneration

On Veteran’s Day the University of Connecticut announced the launch of its new grand research challenge: regeneration of a human knee within 7 years, and an entire limb within 15 years. This major international research undertaking, called The HEAL Project, stands for Hartford Engineering a Limb. It is the brainchild of UConn Health’s Cato T.…

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Nanostructured sunscreen ingredient may prevent medical implant MRSA infections


A common ingredient in sunscreen could be an effective antibacterial coating for medical implants such as joint replacements and pacemakers. Zinc oxide nanopyramids can disrupt methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), reducing the film of bacteria growing on coated materials by over 95 percent. About one million implanted medical devices are infected each year. “It is extremely…

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