Use Your Internship to Network for Your Career

One of the most sought after experiences for many college students is to partake in an internship applicable to their studies. An internship can be extremely valuable, and an important aspect of an internship position is the significant opportunity to network with professionals already working in a particular field (…not to mention their field of…

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7 Career Mistakes To Avoid

“The only one managing your career is you!” You’ve probably heard this advice many times from multiple sources. However, these well-meaning advisors may have neglected to tell you that managing your career is hard! You spent the formative years of your life and education following a prescribed plan with a mapped-out path to success. However,…

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Network to Sharpen your Long Term Job Search Strategy

The reality of today is there is seldom a permanent job: With ever-growing competition, and the increased frequency of mergers, acquisitions, closures, offshoring, etc. have demonstrated that even the most tenured employee does not have long-term job certainty. All of these factors affect employees regardless of seniority, management/staff level, function or industry. Take the necessary…

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Job Advice for New University Graduates from Professional Recruiters

College graduation has arrived for the Class of 2022! Graduation is an exciting time of change, but it also means you have to start looking at how and where you are going to start your career. We asked our most recent graduates in the office a few questions about starting your career after college! We…

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4 Ways to Avoid Job Interview Stress

Receiving a call that you have been selected for a job interview is great news, and it means you are officially being considered for the position. More importantly, it means you have already sparked your potential employer’s interest and they have acknowledged that you meet the basic requirements of the role.  Interviews are exciting but…

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Paula’s Predictions for the 2019 MedTech Job Market

THE GLOBAL CANDIDATE-CENTRIC JOB MARKET WILL TURN IN 2019 Paula’s Predictions for the 2019 MedTech Job Market (What candidates and companies should do NOW) THE BAD NEWS If you’ve watched the news in December (or your stock portfolio valuation,) you’ll note that there is a shift in the winds and increased anxiety amongst financial pundits,…

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10 Important Career Questions Everyone Should Answer Before the End of the Year 

career questions

This year is coming to an end fast – answer some important career questions so that the next year will be as successful as it can be.  These questions should help you become more successful in your current job as well as lay the foundations for any new job or job search. Are you satisfied…

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Essential Must-Dos When Starting a New Job


After rounds and rounds of interviews, you’ve finally signed the papers and landed the job—hooray! But don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet—the trial period has just begun. All eyes are on you as a new employee, so you want to pay extra attention to the way you present yourself to your manager and…

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3 Tips for Negotiating That “Perfect” Compensation Package (includes resources for you in your research)

compensation package

As professionals, we should be prepared to negotiate a compensation package that accurately reflects their value. However, many candidates avoid negotiations because they are uncomfortable or unaware of their market value. If you’re a senior level executive (or even a senior level hiring manager), here’s a method for making sure you never have an offer rejected:…

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Highest Paying Healthcare Companies in America


It might not be hard to find a high-paying job in healthcare — the industry dominates lists of best-paying careers — but finding a healthcare company that pays well and emphasizes employees’ happiness is a tall order. Business Insider teamed up with PayScale, a compensation software and data company, to find the best all-around healthcare companies that pay…

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