The Legacy MEDSearch Layoff Survival Guide

As the economy slows, layoffs, unfortunately, become more common. It’s never easy to be laid off, but our team has a couple of tips to share to help you recover quickly and find a new role that is right for you.   It can be hard to stay calm in an overwhelming and unexpected situation,…

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5 Ways To Become Your Recruiter’s Favorite Candidate

When many people start to work with a recruiter, they have no idea what our jobs really entail. Lots of candidates like to assume that we only work on one position opening at a time, talk to a few select candidates, and then place one. This often leads well-meaning candidates to do things like leave…

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Have You Seen It? Google for Jobs

Google for Jobs

By Joel Cheesman After nearly a year of speculation, a search engine optimizer in Australia capturing screenshots in the wild, and an official announcement from the CEO, Google for Jobs officially launches today. Now, when you visit Google and type in “marketing jobs,” “jobs near me,” “teaching jobs” or similar job searches, you’ll see results…

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Legacy MedSearch CEO Paula Rutledge on the State of the Medical Device Market

Thanks to Joe Hage for the 10X Conference. I’m on my way to Chicago for the MedCity Invest meeting but of the 11 conferences we’ve attended this year, this one was the most valuable. My talk was on the job market in medical devices, but since that talk, just two weeks ago, unemployment in our…

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Robotics Jobs in Medical Device – How do you know what search firms are “dialed in?” 5 Questions you should Ask:


There are only a handful of retained search firms that are leaders in surgical & medical robotics recruiting. We are putting together a list and will distribute in mid-May, 2017, but in the meantime… 5 Questions You should ask before sending your resume: Have you met in person with the executive management? When did you…

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How Do I Transition from Consulting to Industry?

As the economy continues to strengthen, many Consultants are contemplating a move to Industry positions, but are unsure of how to successfully make the move. Transitioning from Consulting to Industry can be difficult, especially if you’ve been out of the 9-5 environment for a while. BUT, successfully making the move from Consulting to Industry is…

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Recruiting Outside The Box: Social Media

Social Media

Are you using every available tool to recruit excellent candidates? Are you sure? What about social media? It can often be overlooked or relegated to the realm of your old college friends’ wedding and baby photos, but if you aren’t using social media to capitalize and find great people, you could be missing out stellar…

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LinkedIn Endorsements – They Do Matter 

skill endorsements

Whenever I teach a session on how to improve LinkedIn profiles, I almost always get asked one of the following questions: Is there any value in adding skills to my profile? Are skill endorsements important? What should I do if a connection endorses me for a skill he knows nothing about? For context, the site…

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Read these 5 Undeniable reasons why you need to follow your favorite recruiter(s) on Twitter today!


As a woman who grew up in the “8 track-player” era, the whole SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook world has taken a little getting used to. I laughed when Twitter first hit the scene… and yet now, I use it as a major source for reading breaking medical news, following our clients and their competitors, sharing our…

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Optimize Your Facebook Profile for Job Searching

Facebook profile

LinkedIn isn’t the only social network for job searching. If you are like most people, you spend more time on Facebook than LinkedIn, so why not fix your Facebook profile to get it job-search ready? Use your “Intro” section wisely. Your intro is an important personal branding opportunity and viewable to anyone looking at your…

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