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Surgery and Surgical Robotics
World’s first total penis and scrotum transplant performed at Johns Hopkins
Many soldiers returning from combat bear visible scars, or even lost limbs, caused by blasts from improvised explosive devices, or IEDs. Some servicemen also return with debilitating hidden injuries—the loss of all or part of their genitals. The Johns Hopkins...
April 24, 2018
Surgery and Surgical Robotics
Miniature Human Brains Implanted in Mice Skulls Grow for Months
The mice behaved just like others of their kind, as far as scientists could tell, and they also looked the same — except for the human mini brain that had been implanted into each rodent’s own cortex, made visible by...
April 18, 2018
Surgery and Surgical Robotics
TissueGen discusses use of drug-loaded fibres
Dr Kevin Nelson, TissueGen’s founder and CSO, will be presenting on the latest advancements in extrusion technology, which are enabling the next generation of drug delivery, at BIOMEDevice Boston, this week. Dr Nelson will discuss how the evolution of the...
April 17, 2018
Surgery and Surgical Robotics
Hair-Sized Fiber-Optic Probe Measures Temperatures Deep Inside the Brain
Researchers at the University of Adelaide have developed a tiny fiber-optic probe that can measure temperatures deep inside the body, while imaging structures in the region of interest. The probe, which has a similar thickness to a human hair, could...
April 16, 2018
Surgery and Surgical Robotics
Robotic Exoskeleton Gives Super-Strength to Wearer by Tenfold
The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently gave its stamp of approval to Cyberdyne. But don’t worry: Skynet isn’t on the cards just yet. In fact, it’s a Japanese robotics company that just so happens to have the same...
January 25, 2018
Surgery and Surgical Robotics
Medrobotics® Corporation Receives FDA Clearance for World’s First and Only Flexible Transabdominal and Transthoracic Robotic Scope
RAYNHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Medrobotics Corp., a medical robotics company, announced today it has received FDA regulatory clearance to market the Flex® Robotic System for robot-assisted visualization in general surgical, gynecological and thoracic procedures in the United States. This clearance reaffirms the Company’s...
January 22, 2018
Surgery and Surgical Robotics
Synaptive Medical with Allegheny General Hospital Neurosurgeons First in Pennsylvania to Use Groundbreaking Robotic Surgery System 
TORONTO & PITTSBURGH–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Synaptive Medical Inc., a Toronto-based medical technology company, announced today that neurosurgeons at Allegheny General Hospital, part of Allegheny Health Network (AHN), will be the first in Pennsylvania to use its latest generation robotic imaging technology for...
January 18, 2018
Surgery and Surgical Robotics
Scalpel Found Inside Body 4 Years After Surgery at CT Veterans Hospital
Glenford Turner had surgery in 2013 at a Veterans Affairs hospital in Connecticut. Four years later, according to a new lawsuit, doctors discovered that a sharp metal surgical instrument had been accidentally left inside the Army veteran’s body. “It’s perplexing...
January 17, 2018
Surgery and Surgical Robotics
A Robotic Implant Could Treat Congenital Disorders in Babies
When implanted, a new robot is able to promote tissue growth by pulling and tugging at organs. It may sound alarming, but this new device could revolutionize the way doctors treat esophageal atresia, a congenital defect in which part of the esophagus...
January 17, 2018
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